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Injuries are a part of life; however, many can be prevented. Everyone usually has a good injury story to tell! While you are wearing braces there are things you can do to prevent injuries to the teeth and mouth. You will want to wear a specially designed mouthguard when engaging in activities where an increased chance of injury is possible, such as sports. Doing so will reduce the risk of injury to your teeth and mouth. 

There are many companies that make mouthguards that can be used while braces are on the teeth. Make sure that you purchase one that specifically states that it is designed to be used with braces. There should be a rubber or plastic surface that covers the front part of the braces which prevents the lips and cheeks from touching the braces. Make sure that it is not a boil and bite type mouthguard, having a mouthguard of that type can either get stuck in the braces or prevent the teeth from moving properly. If you ever have a question about a certain mouthguard just ask your orthodontist.

Wearing a proper mouthguard will greatly protect the lips and cheeks from getting hit against the braces preventing cuts and abrasions. Injuries can still occur even with a mouthguard. If an injury occurs to the mouth and/or teeth while the braces are on, let your orthodontist know as soon as reasonably possible. If any bone has been involved in the injury you will need to see an oral surgeon to help correct the problem. If a tooth gets chipped or damaged you will need to see your general dentist. If the wires have been bent or brackets have been broken you will need to see your orthodontist sooner rather than later so the bent wires or broken brackets don’t cause the teeth to move in the wrong direction.

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