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If you have considered orthodontic treatment, chances are you’ve heard of Invisalign®. Invisalign®  is one of a few companies that manufacture clear aligners for orthodontists to use as a means of straightening teeth.

Clear aligners in the right circumstance can work really well as an alternative to braces. There are times when braces are the clear cut best option depending on the types of movements that need to be made, but many times a great outcome can be achieved with either braces or clear aligners. Schedule a free consultation today and we can review the different options and recommendations with you to help you reach your goals.

The first step in the process of treatment with clear aligners is to create a digital model of the teeth. This is done by using a 3D scanner to capture multiple images of the teeth, and it usually only takes a few minutes. The orthodontist then modifies the digital model to create a treatment plan to achieve the final position of the teeth.

After the orthodontist creates the treatment plan a company such as Invisalign® makes the aligners. They do not perform any diagnosis or create a treatment plan, they just make the aligners. The training and experience of who provides your clear aligners plays a big part in the final outcome of your treatment. An orthodontist is best suited to provide orthodontic treatment whether with braces or clear aligners because of their training and experience in effectively and efficiently straightening teeth and establishing a proper bite.

One of the main questions you have to ask yourself before starting with clear aligners is how dedicated am I to fixing my smile. Clear aligners can be removed from the teeth and need to be removed to eat and to brush your teeth. As long as you are dedicated to keeping them on at least 22 hours per day the clear aligners will be effective. For most people it is really convenient to be able to eat and clean your teeth without anything in the way.

Clear aligners can be a great option for helping you achieve a great smile. Your orthodontist will help you put together the right plan for you and make the needed adjustments along the way to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Schedule your free consultation today and we can answer any and all of your specific questions!

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